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Politics is the science, study and practical implementation of the knowledge and art of creating, directing, and governing the states and other political institutions. Society is a structured group of individuals associated together for cultural, religious, benevolent, political, patriotic, scientific, or other reasons.

Questions & Answers

  • How to End Abortion?
  • Summary: How to end abortion? Choose Life instead of death. Participate in the social events to end abortion. Refuse to accept abortion as a method of birth control. Pray and do the right things. Be ready to face strong opposition to your attempts.
  • Topic: How to End Abortion
  • How to End Poverty?
  • Summary: How to end poverty? Be the Herald of kind and good deeds. Do everything in your power to end poverty in the world. Live with your duty to meet the noble goal of ending poverty. Do not forget about the poor and find your ways to help them.
  • Topic: How to End Poverty
  • How to End a Speech?
  • Summary: How to end a speech? Summarize the main thoughts and ideas ending your speech with a strong outline. Use effective and stylish signals to show that the speech is ending.
  • Topic: How to End a Speech
  • How to End the War in Afghanistan?
  • Summary: How to end the war in Afghanistan? End military escalation, fighting and counter-insurgency operations. Admit that forces of occupation are unable to put an end to the local support for insurgents.
  • Topic: How to End War
  • How to End Iraq War?
  • Summary: How to end Iraq war? Choose the approaches that guarantee effective results. Refuse financial support, elaborate opposing political attitude, reduce troops, and break the alliances necessary to promote the strategy for supremacy.
  • Topic: How to End War
  • How to End War?
  • Summary: How to end war? Do not become victim of Hate. Declare your internal world a no war zone. Pray for peace.
  • Topic: How to End War
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