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How to End War

How to end war? Do not become victim of Hate. Declare your internal world a no war zone. Pray for peace.

How to end war? Oppose vehemently to the basic causes of war.

The war will end when enough people proclaim their inner world free, sovereign and peaceful.

Know how to end war protecting yourself, your relatives, and surrounding people by any morally acceptable means.

Reject to be governed by Hate.

Pay no attention to the hypocrisy of the state.

Be a true patriot and a veritable soldier of the Truth.

Do not wish or do to your neighbour what is detestable to you.

Combat tyranny by passive resistance or even armed opposition.

Refuse to be a part of occupational forces.

Arm yourself with weapons of moral superiority.

Be in strong opposition to the military-industrial establishment and merchants of death.

Vote reasonably and do not choose the lesser of two evils. Vote thoughtfully or do not vote at all.


  • The war will end when people refuse to be led by revenge.

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