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How to End Iraq War

How to end Iraq war? Choose the approaches that guarantee effective results. Refuse financial support, elaborate opposing political attitude, reduce troops, and break the alliances necessary to promote the strategy for supremacy.

How to end Iraq war? Perform pressure at congressional levels opposing any financial support or sending additional troops.

Anti-war activists must influence upon political life and organize anti-war coalitions.

Insist that the money wasted on Iraq war go to support the infrastructure and education at home.

A good approach how to end Iraq war is to organize the progressive democratic movement. The Democrats must refuse war funding.

Create alliances with anti-war Republicans.

Demonstrate solidarity with veterans, reservists, and their families.

Fight with the Iraqization.

Break the war Coalition by creating a Peace Coalition.

Organize conferences to unite public opinion against governments supporting the Iraq war.

Mobilize public to isolate militarists from their allies all over the world.

Join the worldwide anti-war movement.


  • The US plans to restructure Iraq with military bases, privatized economy, free access to oil, and proselytizing.
  • Wars cannot be carried out without taxpayers and soldiers ready to die.
  • Ending Iraq war has honorable goals to re-establish progressive priorities and esteem in the world.

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