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How to End War on Drugs

How to end war on drugs? Adjust radically the attitude to drug addiction. Try new approaches.

How to end war on drugs? Put an end to the illusion that anti-drug laws will prevent from drug abuse. Promote more empathetic and pragmatic policies.

The drug war generated only losers. Drug abuse is increasing and the costs of war on drugs continue to rise.

Educate people about drugs.

Concentrate on reducing the harmful effects of drugs. Attempts to ban the drugs usually fail.

Promote treatment of drug addiction.

Continue to fight for sanity in drug policy.

Pondering on how to end war on drugs, it is necessary to admit that prohibition is often ineffective. The ban promotes criminality and limits the individual's rights.

Reduce crimes committed by drug addicts forced to spend large sums of money to satisfy their habits.

Permit the addicts to live with their dependences without the fear of imprisonment.

Drug addicts must know how to regulate drug dosages to avoid fatal overdoses.

Drug prohibition should be limited.

End the government's attack on human rights.

Demolish the drug cartels reducing their black market profits.


  • The war on drugs does not prevent people from using drugs.
  • The war on drugs is a failure with intolerable and unforgivable costs to society.
  • The war on drugs is harming the society.

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