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How to End the War in Afghanistan

How to end the war in Afghanistan? End military escalation, fighting and counter-insurgency operations. Admit that forces of occupation are unable to put an end to the local support for insurgents.

How to end the war in Afghanistan? It is necessary to end troop escalation, combats and military operations against insurgents.

Dismantle all military bases.

Start complete withdrawal of all troops.

Close Bagram prison.

Those who want to know how to end the war in Afghanistan must recognize that the war kills civilians and creates opposition towards United States against the background of increasing support for insurgents.

Stop attacks and military escalation in Pakistan.

Increase financial help to refugees.

Admit more refugees into United States.

Encourage and maintain cessation of hostilities, reconciliation and consultations involving all parties.

Stop anti-poppy programs and invest in the infrastructure of alternative agriculture.

Support local and regional leaders and representatives of civil society.

Support separate negotiations.


  • The dangers of military withdrawal are less than the dangers if the war continues.
  • Withdrawing the troops is not enough. United States is responsible for the people of Afghanistan.

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