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How to End a Meeting

How to end a meeting? End a meeting appropriately and efficiently. Keep to an established procedure of ending a meeting successfully.

How to end a meeting? The end of the meeting is no less important than the general essence of the event. Take care that the time and effort spent for the meeting were significant.

Let the participants understand that the meeting is approaching to the end.

It is good to assign several minutes for discussion, questions and answers.

Reiterate the aim of the meeting and inform the participants about your planed purposes.

Let participants comprehend the goal and essence of the event.

How to end a meeting? Assess the information accumulated during the meeting.

The participants must have the chance to enlarge, correct, and arrange the information.

It is good to fill in rating sheets and comment cards to determine the weak and strong points.

Make record of the meeting decisions.

Review the set tasks and their terms.

Consider topic suggestions for the next meeting.

Thank the participants for their contribution and for taking the time to attend the meeting.

Inform the participants that they may contact you to solve any questions after the meeting.


  • If you end your meeting correctly, it will be more fruitful and efficient.
  • Recorded notes may serve as an informational reserve.
  • Any information of confidential nature must not be talked about and divulged.

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