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How to End an Article

How to end an article? The ending is no less important than the beginning and must be developed from the article content. The article end should surprise or shock the reader.

How to end an article? A good end links all the parts. The ending is as important as the lead.

Duplicate, rewrite, or restate the lead topic with a reference to the entire content.

Select the content directly preceding the concluding section.

It is good to play on catchy phrases, mottos, and alliterations to hook the reader.

Knowing how to end an article, supply the reader with new information to consider.

End with a story involving a new fragment, or a new part of already introduced topic.

Use quotations to add conclusiveness.

Include a topic never mentioned in the story.

Try an unexpected ending to surprise, startle, or shock.

End with a straight statements or final thoughts.

Make warnings or advice for the reader.

End the story naturally.

Sometimes it is good to summarize the article.


  • It is good to give the article a sound conclusion.
  • Offer the reader good food for thought.
  • Give the reader the information that sticks to the mind and feelings.

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