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Health is the state when the body can perform normally and properly the vital functions. Health is the condition when both the body and the mind are sound. Health may be evaluated subjectively by an individual and objectively by a doctor on professional basis. Public health embraces the work and activity of providing various medical services to keep population healthy.

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  • How to End Obsession?
  • Summary: How to end obsession? People suffering from obsession are not mad. They realize the uncommonness of their thoughts and actions. To end obsession the person must understand its causes and effects. The power of obsession can be reduced with knowledge and professional assistance.
  • Topic: How to End Obsession
  • How to End a Stressful Relationship?
  • Summary: How to end a stressful relationship? It is impossible to neglect stressful relationship for a long time. The moment may come that the stress is difficult to bear. If the relationship is built against stressful background, maybe time has come to end it.
  • Topic: How to End a Relationship
  • How to End Pregnancy?
  • Summary: How to end pregnancy? Pregnancy may be ended through surgical or medical abortion. These methods necessitate doctor's attention and follow-up observation to detect possible complications.
  • Topic: How to End Pregnancy
  • How to End Premature Ejaculation?
  • Summary: How to end premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is a torturous headache for many representatives of the stronger sex. Men must know how to last longer retraining their mind and body. To prolong sex, only the right balance between arousal and calm is needed.
  • Topic: How to End Premature Ejaculation
  • How to End Acne?
  • Summary: How to end acne? Acne can lead to emotional strain and low self-esteem. Make your skin clean and treat acne in case of need.
  • Topic: How to End Acne
  • How to End Abortion?
  • Summary: How to end abortion? Choose Life instead of death. Participate in the social events to end abortion. Refuse to accept abortion as a method of birth control. Pray and do the right things. Be ready to face strong opposition to your attempts.
  • Topic: How to End Abortion
  • How to End a Relationship with a Depressed Person?
  • Summary: How to end a relationship with a depressed person? Consider the consequences of your decision and try to keep emotional and mental balance. Ensure the needed support for a depressed person. If you are afraid that a depressed person may hurt himself or herself, inform the therapist and a trusted friend. Let the courage and wisdom direct you.
  • Topic: How to End a Relationship
  • How to End Depression?
  • Summary: How to end depression? Contact with good people. Determine the meaning and purpose of your life. Break negative way of thinking. Clean your mind from negative thoughts and develop an optimistic attitude to existence.
  • Topic: How to End Depression
  • How to End Sex?
  • Summary: How to end sex? It is good to use special exercises, begin with foreplay, warm your partner up, and practice various sex positions. Perform all the necessary steps correctly and end sex successfully.
  • Topic: How to End Sex
  • How to End an Emotional Affair?
  • Summary: How to end an emotional affair? Emotional affair is no less difficult to overcome than sexual affairs. Emotional affair may attain considerable emotional depth because the emotional partner fills an important gap in your life. Acknowledge that you experience an emotional affair and try to rise above it.
  • Topic: How to End an Affair
  • How to End Panic Attacks?
  • Summary: How to end panic attacks? Panic attacks develop when people experience fear and anxiety. Analyze your feelings, think about yourself, and keep your emotions in conformity with the situation. It is good to treat the causes of the condition and not the symptoms.
  • Topic: How to End Panic Attacks
  • How to End Obsessive Thoughts?
  • Summary: How to end obsessive thoughts? Concentrate on rational thoughts and pay no attention to the irrational thinking. Recognize that obsessive thoughts are a part of the brain activity. Obsessions provoke compulsive behavior as a form of protective attitude.
  • Topic: How to End Obsessive Thoughts
  • How to End Smoking?
  • Summary: How to end smoking? Be optimistic and convinced that you can get rid of this bad habit. Recur to considerate preparation and efficient plan.
  • Topic: How to End Smoking
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