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How to End Abortion

How to end abortion? Choose Life instead of death. Participate in the social events to end abortion. Refuse to accept abortion as a method of birth control. Pray and do the right things. Be ready to face strong opposition to your attempts.

How to end abortion? Consider moral, ethical, psychological, religious, and political implications of your efforts. Fight for inviolability of life. Stay on the forefront of the movement to end abortion.

Begin your activity in a local, regional or campus group to save infants' lives.

Volunteer joining adoption groups, pregnancy help centers, and maternity homes.

Pray silently near abortion facilities and on the sidewalks to save kids from womb killing.

Awaken the conscience of abortion workers peacefully praying near the abortion centers and make them leave their jobs.

How to end abortion? Instruct people using photos, statistics and abortion facts. Promote the ideas for saving Life with graphic images and displays. Start sending educational emails to various addresses.

Supply your campus, community, and church with literature about kid killing.

Distribute materials in public areas to eliminate abortion.

Give your time, money and material resources to societies fighting against child genocide.

Speak to your friends, colleagues, and church members how to end abortion. Explain how they can help eliminate these atrocities.

Vote for Life. Work to change the laws and protect human beings.

Do not vote for compromised politicians who are ready to kill babies.

Stop inhumane methods of birth control and funding abortion.

Improve your education with facts, books, blogs, tweets, podcasts, videos and films.

Advocate for safe and humane approaches to birth control.


  • All lives belong to God.
  • Abortion infringes God's law.
  • We have no moral rights to decide who will live and who will die.
  • Monetary and material donations to end abortion can do marvels.

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