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How to End Discrimination

How to end discrimination? Enlighten people about discrimination to do away with this practice. Act to fight discrimination and show that all people have equal rights.

How to end discrimination? Informing people about discrimination is a potent approach to get rid of it. Discrimination is a negative attitude to differences in gender, age, social position, religious convictions, race, nationality, and sexual predilections.

Promote policies to exclude discrimination in the workplaces and educational institutions.

Outline the key ideas to struggle against discrimination and expose them to employees and students.

Publish the anti-discriminatory rules in booklet and flyers.

Those who know how to end discrimination make people know that discrimination is not tolerated.

Demonstrate the penalties of being guilty of discrimination and show the consequences in case of violation of the rules.

Put into effect the rules to end discrimination.

Organize lectures to talk about the harmful effects of discrimination.

Assess the progress of impeding discrimination.

Adhere to battles against discrimination.

Write letters to congressmen with proposals to oppose discrimination.


  • Discrimination is an enormous worldwide problem and many people become victims of this practice.
  • The US laws make discrimination illegal. Employers must obey the anti-discriminatory laws.
  • Putting the laws in force creates an ethical background for fighting against discrimination.
  • Activity against discrimination makes legislators to pass more laws to prevent this practice.

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