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How to End Poverty

How to end poverty? Be the Herald of kind and good deeds. Do everything in your power to end poverty in the world. Live with your duty to meet the noble goal of ending poverty. Do not forget about the poor and find your ways to help them.

How to end poverty? You must want to end poverty. Perform your duty and meet the noble goal of helping the poor. Do not ignore the poor and know how to help people in need.

Break the vicious cycle of indifference and do something to end poverty. Know that even a small act of generosity is much better than silent guilt of social apathy.

Don't be afraid to donate money. These acts of charity are always valued, and even modest donations can create great differences.

How to end poverty? Save money for the poor and start your own funds.

Donate not only money, but also your time. Offer your time for volunteer activity at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

Millions of orphans in the world lack shelter, food, clothing, clean water and care. Help children in need through orphan sponsorship programs.

Take canned and non-perishables foods out of your cupboards to donate them to hungry people in need.

Take excess clothes out your closet and give them to the poor.

Purchase fair trade products to provide poor communities with funds to end poverty.

Persuade your family, friends, and neighbors to offer money and time to the poor. Explain them how they can fight with poverty.

Pressurize the lawmakers. Don't be afraid to write to your local, state and federal officials. Insist that they take measures to end poverty.


  • About 80% of people live on daily income less than $10.
  • Remember, that money and time you offer to help the poor is a donation that will be rewarded.

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