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How to End War Forever

How to end war forever? Radical actions must be undertaken worldwide by unified efforts. Global dictatorship is not allowed.

How to end war forever? All countries must unite to establish global security system.

It is good to find world leaders to guide the movement of ending war forever.

Convince people that any aggression can be avoided.

All countries should be engaged in the United Nations with equal power votes.

Settle any disputes with obligatory arbitration in special Court.

Declare military aggression out of law.

Dissolve the old Security Council and institute a new Security Counsel with permanent members from all countries.

Provide the new Council the universal military power to impose global peace.

Know how to end war forever banning any aggression immediately, resolutely, and with severity.

Global sanctions must be imposed before aggression begins.

Countries that provoke global disturbances must be dealt with determinedly. Any nation unleashing military aggression must be punished at once.

Aggressors must have no alternatives for punishment.

All countries must be disarmed of offensive weapons.

Weapons of mass destruction must be demolished.


  • To avoid wars the old system must be transformed by restructuring the societies and establishing new peace goals.
  • A global government must oppose aggression.

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