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How to End a Newspaper Article

How to end a newspaper article? End newspaper article answering to all questions. Make summary of the facts exposed in the article.

How to end a newspaper article? Newspaper article must contain the answers to all questions raised by the writer, readers, and life.

Write the article bearing in mind the essential questions. Expose all facts in understandable language providing accurate descriptions and explanations.

Prove the information by repeated reading and analysis.

If some facts are not confirmed from reliable sources or are grounded on suppositions, perform additional work and make sure that weak points are elucidated and substantiated.

Know how to end a newspaper article with a summary of the facts.

Complete news, story, and descriptions with prognosis for the future discussing possible effects of the events.

Prove the facts once again for reliability.

Re-read the article and correct the spelling errors.


  • Article may cover hard news such as crimes, politics, wars, and natural disasters.
  • Article can include soft news covering topics of human interests and activity.
  • Feature article may be about hard or soft news.

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