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How to End Drinking

How to end drinking? End drinking today. Be ready to considerable and comprehensive changes in your way of thinking and living.

How to end drinking? Think about reasons to end drinking. Answer the question why you desire to end drinking. Consider your health, addiction healing, personal changes, and even religious aspects. Know that alcohol controls and governs you.

Determine your goal.

Inform your relatives and friends about your intentions.

Look for professional medical help.

Search for the help of support group.

Undertake massive efforts and substantial actions to transform your life.

Create genuine self-respect to prevent recurrences of alcohol abuse.

Strive after all-embracing health. Give up smoking, change your nutrition, and start exercising regularly.

Construct real values of existence developing your abilities and powers.

Pursue new things and opportunities.

Develop new perception of reality and search for growth on the basis of your strong points.

Refrain from alcohol completely consuming only alcohol-free drinks in the company of drinking people.

Be truly grateful for your alcohol-free condition.


  • Alcohol kills more people than all illegal drugs together.
  • Alcohol leads to needless expenses and has no food value.

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