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How to End Pregnancy

How to end pregnancy? Pregnancy may be ended through surgical or medical abortion. These methods necessitate doctor's attention and follow-up observation to detect possible complications.

How to end pregnancy? There are two main methods to end a pregnancy. The pregnancy may be terminated surgically or medically. Surgical and medical methods need a doctor's attention and follow-up visits.

How to end pregnancy? Surgical abortion is a quick technique to terminate pregnancy.

A woman must consult with a doctor and have laboratory tests.

Sign the consent forms and follow the doctor's instructions.

At the appointed time, visit the medical institution for the surgery. The operation usually lasts several minutes.

Visit your doctor for post-operational follow up. Doctor will examine you and check that the pregnancy was terminated.

How to end pregnancy? Medical abortion is carried out if the woman is afraid of the surgical intervention. The doctor may also recommend medical abortion depending on circumstances.

Medical abortion necessitates a visit to the doctor and laboratory tests. Sometimes first shot or pill is given during the first visit to the doctor.

The remaining pills are taken at home according to the scheme.

The side effects of medical abortion may include hemorrhage, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps.

Doctor must follow-up your condition after medical abortion.


  • Minors must have their parents' permission for ending pregnancy.
  • Medical abortions may cost more than a surgical abortion.
  • Ending pregnancy is a trial. Be better ready for safe sex in the future.

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