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How to End Sex

How to end sex? It is good to use special exercises, begin with foreplay, warm your partner up, and practice various sex positions. Perform all the necessary steps correctly and end sex successfully.

How to end sex? Recur to exercising techniques that strengthen the muscles taking part in ejaculation. Engage in stimulation with foreplay and oral sex. Practice different sex positions and approaches. Know how to identify the moment when the ejaculation becomes inevitable.

Special exercise help make tighter the muscles controlling ejaculation. Good practice is to discontinue the urine flow and then repeat starting and stopping it.

Masturbate several minutes thinking how to satisfy your partner. Approach to the point of no come back, but do not ejaculate until the established time is over.

It is good to begin with foreplay and oral sex.

Practice a range of sex positions to diminish the level of stimulation to the penis head.

Do not think about your own orgasm. Concentrate on present state of the art and spread the pleasure throughout your body.

Recognize the range of feelings in the process of making love.

If you are overexcited, stop and squeeze below the penis head. It will suppress the ejaculation.

Press the penis onto the clitoral head remaining in the vaginal entrance.

Concentrate on spare and superficial movements that penetrate from 2 to 3 inches into the vagina during the sexual intercourse.

How to end sex? Ladies first. Your partner should experience her orgasm first. It will relieve you of pressure and anxiety to please.

Sometimes doctors may prescribe antidepressants if you end sex too early. About 70 % of men experience improvement with antidepressants. Antidepressants make men less excited and prevent them from early ejaculation.


  • Sexual reaction passes through excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.
  • Some men last longer the second time.
  • Antidepressants keep men relaxed helping to last longer. However, they bear their own risks and may develop side effects such as addiction.

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