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How to End Obsessive Thoughts

How to end obsessive thoughts? Concentrate on rational thoughts and pay no attention to the irrational thinking. Recognize that obsessive thoughts are a part of the brain activity. Obsessions provoke compulsive behavior as a form of protective attitude.

How to end obsessive thoughts? Obsessions result in ritualized behavior helping to deal with situations of distress. Obsessions become apparent as repeated impulses, images, fears, acts, or thoughts. The obsessive sufferers experience anxiety, fears, stress, disgust, or uneasiness.

Remember that the mind produces negative thoughts and your interest to these thoughts makes them obsessive.

Life is a torrent of positive energy. The negative thoughts stand in opposition to Life.

To stop obsessive thoughts, it is necessary to disconnect them from the mind.

Facing obsessions renders you less sensitive to obsessive thoughts.

Understand that your thoughts are irrational. Try to think rationally and the obsessions will lose their irrational power.

Realize that your anxiety is groundless.

How to end obsessive thoughts? Try to become detached from your mind. Thoughts lose their power if you have no interest in them.

Allow the thoughts flow through the mind and do not take interest in them. Simply watch as the thoughts are floating.

Obsessive thoughts will disappear as soon as you show no interest in them.

Do not focus your attention on the negative thoughts.

Focus on the positive thoughts such as thoughts of love, joy, beauty, passion, and peace.

Watch your mind without involvement. Be free of your mind.

Concentrate on the feelings in your body.


  • Common obsessions are sexual disgust, aggressive behavior, fear of contamination, and doubts.
  • Obsessive thoughts make living unhappy, but this condition may open the way to enlightenment and freedom.
  • The mind generates the thoughts automatically.
  • Thoughts are energy created in the mind.

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