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How to End Smoking

How to end smoking? Be optimistic and convinced that you can get rid of this bad habit. Recur to considerate preparation and efficient plan.

How to end smoking? The probability to end smoking is significantly increased with careful preparation and efficient planning.

Be confident that you really desire to end smoking.

Realize causes and effects of smoking.

Make a list of your reasons to end smoking.

The chosen a date to end smoking must be stress free. Keep yourself maximally busy that day.

Consult with your doctor in case of health problems or fears about consequences of weight gain type.

Consider how to end smoking together with a partner such as a friend, a relative, or a work colleague. Provide each other mutual support.

Inform your family and friends about your plan. Explain that you may be slightly different because of withdrawal.

Identify triggers provoking craving for a smoking. Among them are stress and ending of a meal.

In case of withdrawal recur to deep breathing, walking, or absorbing activity.

Practice exercise and keep to reasonable diet.


  • Know facts about nicotine addiction.
  • Know how to cope with nicotine addiction, withdrawal syndrome, stress, and weight gain.
  • Many people end smoking and you must be among them.

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