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How to End an Email to a Professor

How to end an email to a professor? Ending an email to a professor the student must be respectful and professional. Professor usually has some standard attitudes to the emails from students.

How to end an email to a professor? Professor expects clear and understandable email information from students. It is good to write emails professionally and respectfully. Student must be polite, the language should be succinct, and the reason of the letter has to be clearly expressed.

Use academic account for your email. Many professors do not pay attention to messages from unknown sources.

Include your course department or number together with email subject.

The greeting must be polite.

Expose the reason of your email laconically.

Suggest possible solution to your problem.

End with "Sincerely," "Regards," "Yours,".

Sign with your first and last name.

Proofread your text.

Make needed changes.

Send the email.

Wait one day for reply.

When you receive a reply, thank the professor.


  • Do not send multiple or duplicate emails.
  • Send email during weekdays and office hours.
  • If you do not get any reply several days, ask politely whether the professor received the email and could consider it.

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