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How to End an Email

How to end an email? The end should go together with the general content and tone of the message. The message must be understandable and correct.

How to end an email? Ending is no less important than other parts of the message. The ending depends on the content.

Standard formal ending is Sincerely, Full Name.

The level of formality determines the using the first name only or the first name and the last name. The last name is included for the first contacts; in subsequent messages the first name is enough.

Formal approach allows using "Yours sincerely," if your recipient's name is known.

If the recipient's name is not known and the email is started with "Dear Sir/Madam," one can end with "Yours faithfully,"

It is good to know how to end an email choosing various endings.

Among the most popular variants are "Yours," "Best regards," "Best wishes," "My sincere thanks for your time and consideration," This is a less formal style used for friends or colleagues.

To illustrate the emotional attitude one can use expressions such as "Have a great day!" or "Thank you in advance".

After the name, it is good to include the job title together with the full contact information such as website, address, phone, and fax.


  • All parts of the email contribute to the general understanding of the message.
  • Presenting additional details saves the recipient time if he or she wants to contact you.

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