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How to End an Email Closing

How to end an email closing? Identify the level of connection between you and the recipient of your email. The end of your email depends on the mood you desire to express to the recipient of your letter.

How to end an email closing? The mental and emotional characteristics of your message must be reflected in the tone you want to transmit to the recipient of the email.

Delineate the features of your relationships with the email recipient. The manner how to end an email closing is for the most part dependent on the character of relationships between the person sending the letter and the recipient.

Establish the nature of the message content.

Think about the character of response you want to get.

Decide what the most appropriate concluding salutation is.

Your email must be professionally written and take into account the recipient's time for the answer.

Sign your name.

Include your job title.

Write your contact information, phone and fax numbers, street address, and website.

Send the email.


  • Wrong ending of an email may confuse the recipient on the purpose of the message.
  • "Sincerely" is good to express emotion.
  • "Thank you" is the safest way to end.
  • "Best Wishes" is often used for departures and separations.

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