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How to End an Email Letter

How to end an email letter? The ending should prompt the reader's reaction. Choose the most reliable approach to the message.

How to end an email letter? The ending must improve the reader's understanding. Use the best approach for communication bearing in mind that signing suggests the recipient's attitude.

Choose how to end an email letter so as to show the general spirit of the message.

Determine the most convenient words to circumvent misunderstanding.

Recur to careful and thoughtful choice of words to express content and intent of the message.

Use phrases to show the idea such as "All the best of success!", "Have a great day!", "Keep up the good work!" ,"Thank you!", "Thank you for your quick response", "Looking forward to your reply".

End business e-mails with "Kind regards", "Confidently yours", "Best wishes", "Confidently yours", "Kind regards", "Many thanks", "Respectfully yours", "With anticipation", "Yours sincerely".

Sign informally to friends with "Be well", "Cheers", "Take care", "Until next time".

Sometimes it is good to use creative endings: "All you need is love", "Live long and prosper", "May the force be with you", "Peace, love, and unity", "Stay tuned".


  • All letter components contribute to the general interpretation.
  • Careful choice of words is an additional motivation for recipient's desire to communicate with the sender.
  • If the signing does not match with the heart and soul of the letter, it can be interpreted as mocking or even rude.
  • Some people sign the letters individually.

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