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How to End a Long Term Friendship

How to end a long term friendship? Evaluate the causes, advantages and disadvantage of your choice. Carefully consider the problem.

How to end a long term friendship? Evaluation of the causes is the main issue for making the decision. Be sure that you make your decision for the correct reasons.

Analyze the problem and decide if your friendship is true.

Look for an advice of a reliable relative or a friend. Explain the circumstances of your approach to the matter.

Determine how to control the situation.

Determine how to end a long term friendship from the standpoint of the advantages and drawbacks.

Consider your previous experience.

Determine if your life will improve.

In case of fundamental differences, your decision may be optimal.

Decide finally because there will be no way back.

Be kind with your friend.

Be ready to move on.

Let your relatives understand that you do not want to discuss the matter with them.

Contact other friends. Do not ask acquaintances about your friend.

Find enjoyable activities to forget the pain.

Practice relaxation such as meditation and yoga.

Be closer to nature. Recur to painting and music.

Don't speak badly about your ex-friend.


  • The end of friendship can be dramatic and traumatic.
  • Ending of a friendship is a loss.

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