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How to End a Friendship

How to end a friendship? Consider the circumstances. If you feel that friendship does not work anymore, it is better to end it.

How to end a friendship? A negative charge in your friendship can be removed with an honest conversation. No one knows your friend better than you. However, if it does not help, think about breaking off the friendship.

Make a list of ideas you want to express.

Determine your reasons for ending the friendship.

Decide how to end a friendship softly and tell your friend frankly that you do not want to be friends anymore.

Separate yourself slowly to demonstrate change in the relationship so as not to shock your friend.

Shorten your talks and stop frequent callings.

Inform that you are not predisposed to go anywhere. Tell the truth and say that you are busy.

Telling the sad truth, try to be kind.

Begin making new friends.

Be ready to lose a few old friends.

Remain amicable to your ex-friend in the future.


  • Don't make scenes and remain honest.
  • Don't complain to other friends.

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