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How to End a Friendship Gracefully

How to end a friendship gracefully? Explain your reasons and show that you want to end the friendship. Be kind and firm.

How to end a friendship gracefully? Calmly analyze your friendship relations. Try to understand wrong aspects of the matter. Talk to your friend about the situation created.

Feel certain and realize that you cannot remain friends.

Do not end your friendship suddenly and unexpectedly.

Slowly reduce your usual friendly activity. Don't answer some telephone calls and text messages.

Find the time to discuss the matters even if your friend does not want to take your judgments into consideration.

Be friendly and kind in your relations, but don't be afraid to show that you are not very much enthusiastic.

Avoid making promises.

Do not be afraid to say "No".

Tell your friend that you appreciate the friendship, but the matters have turned worse just now.

Promise your friend that you will always be near in case of need, and you expect the same from him or her.

Surround yourself with relatives and friends you trust. Do not remain alone.


  • If you decided to finish the friendship, you must go to the end.
  • Be patient in your attempts and don't end the friendship unexpectedly.
  • Don't be offensive and careless. Be polite and kind.

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