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How to End a Friendship on Good Terms

How to end a friendship on good terms? Ending a friendship is a difficult decision. End without extravagant actions and emotions to keep mental harmony.

How to end a friendship on good terms? Ending may become difficult because friendship is valuable for sound relations. Ending the friendship must not make you enemies.

Be convinced of your decision.

Talk and discuss the problem with your friend.

Know how to end a friendship on good terms choosing appropriate place and time.

Don't realize your decision in public.

Don't undervalue your friendship.

Don't blame your friend.

Talk to your friend honestly.

Be laconic and expose the issue in a few words.

Don't be pathetic and don't expect anything from your friend.

Talk to a person who is close to you. Take off the emotional load sharing your thoughts and feelings.


  • Differences of attitudes, opinions, ideas, and beliefs as well as improper behavior may result in friendship ending.
  • Ending on good terms shows your gratitude to your friend.

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