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How to End Conflict of Religion

How to end conflict of religion? Create an atmosphere of reciprocal love and esteem. Oppose the desire to dispute. Be true in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

How to end conflict of religion? Bring peace to people. Destroy the barriers among religions and wake the peace within yourself.

Celebrate mutual holidays and share scriptures.

Comprehend one God. Understand that prophets came from the same place and revealed God's messages.

Do not think that your prophets are greater than other prophets.

Love your neighbor because religions presuppose service and love.

Know how to end conflict of religion directing the conversation to peaceful way.

Find optimal time and place to discuss religious matters.

Be aware of your own faith. Do not argue your reasons to believe. The best approach is to avoid arguing completely.

Do not deny people's rights to believe. Do not show aggression to believers.

Change your internal world and strive for spiritual awakening. Find internal peace through prayer and meditation.

Transform your mind, practice, and life.

Realize your inner awakening in practical deeds.


  • Religion contains a potent spiritual energy and this power can change people.
  • The truth, love, worship, and prayer belong to all.
  • Conversations about religion must be comfortable.

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