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How to End Conflict

How to end conflict? It is better to solve the conflict than become a winner in it. Discuss the conflict and elaborate realistic approaches to effective actions.

How to end conflict? Know the causes of the conflict to end it. Select suitable time and discuss the state of affairs. Arguing is senseless and may escalate the conflict.

Set sound regulations for discussion avoiding verbal abuse and arrogance.

Delineate the trouble and listen to your partner.

Know how to end conflict keeping to one problem at a time. Do not try to solve several issues at the same time.

Agree on convenient and pragmatic steps.

Clarify your positions and ask questions about misinterpreted things.

Discuss present problems and objective points.

Concentrate on real actions and offer an alternative approaches.

Set the goal to make both parties satisfied. Work actively to solve discrepancies.

Determine time for solving the conflict and plan the future discussions.

Do not allow escalation of the conflict.


  • Conflict may promote new solutions to the problems.
  • Unresolved conflicts lead to animosity, bad communication, and stress.
  • Ending the conflict is critical for good relations.

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