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How to End Auction Early on eBay

How to end auction early on eBay? eBay permits to end auction early if the item has been lost, broken or is unavailable for sale. End auction early on eBay keeping to the rules.

How to end auction early on eBay? You can end auction early on eBay if the item has been sold, broken, lost, or there is an error in the listing. You must have more than twelve hours left in the auction. If you have any bids, you can choose between canceling the bids and selling the item to the highest bidder.

Go to "My eBay".

End auction from here -

End auction from here -

Sign in "End My Auction Early" page. Enter your username and password.

Scroll down the left column and click on "More" under the Related Links.

Enter your auction number.

Indicate the reason for ending your auction.

Select "End My Listing Early" from the "Managing Your Items" menu.

Type in the item number or copy and paste this number. Check that you entered the number properly and click "Continue."

How to end auction early on eBay? Click on "Cancel Bids" and "End Listing Early" if there are bids on the auction. If there are no bids, click on "End Item Early."

Tick off the box showing the reason of ending auction early on eBay and press the "Submit" button.

Click "End My Listing".


  • Ending auction early on eBay is a legal procedure.
  • However, ending auction early is not eBay spirit.
  • It is good to end auction rapidly and before the auction ends.
  • If you end auction early on eBay, you will be charged the fees all the same.
  • If you do not click on "Cancel Bids", the item will be sold to the current bidder.

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