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How to End an Auction

How to end an auction? Decide if you meet the demands for ending an auction. Define the necessary steps to undertake to end an auction successfully.

How to end an auction? Sometimes the seller needs to end an auction and remove the item because he or she cannot ship the item, there are no bids, or there are errors in the listing.

An auction with twelve hours left can be ended without any particular requirements. If less than twelve hours remain, an auction with no bids can be ended as well.

If your item has bids, you must sell it to the highest bidder.

Go to your account and Log in using your username and password. You will be able to track all of your dealings on the screen.

Click on "My auction" on the left. Click on "Selling" and you will see the list of your present auctions.

How to end an auction? Highlight and copy the auction number.

Go to the link within this article. You will be taken to the "End my listing".

Paste the auction number into the "Item number".

Click "Continue". You will see the screen with "Cancel bids" or "Cancel auction and sell to the highest bidder." Fill in the correct selection.

Specify your reasons for ending the auction. This step cannot remain blank because it ends an auction.

Verify a confirmation email. You will be informed that "Item did not sell" or "Congratulations, your item sold." You will also get the list of the transaction amount.

Finish the transaction. Collect money and check the email from the buyer.


  • You cannot end an auction if you had established a reserve price and it was not met.
  • Good communication through email between the buyer and the seller is important.
  • Never share personal information with anyone.
  • You will be charged a fee even if you have ended the auction and the item was not sold.

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