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How to End Games with Inactive Players

How to end games with inactive players? Sometimes you cannot end a game even if it is not your turn and if five days expired since you have played with now inactive player. Verify the limits of expiration date. Reinstall your copy of the game list to synchronize it with the server.

How to end games with inactive players? According to the rules, random players who do not play after five days quit the game automatically. However, it may pass more than five days and they still remain on the list. Therefore, the victim cannot begin new games. So you must know how to end games with inactive players.

Verify the time limits to be sure that your adversaries are beyond their expiration date. The limits are five days for game created through random opponent and eleven days for the game created through contact list, user name, or request from other player.

Games beyond time limits have already expired in fact, but the game list on your device may be not synchronized with the server. Perform reinstalling to synchronize your game list with the server.

How to end games with inactive players? Sometimes it is good to go to the main web site where all your games are exposed.

Find the game or player you want to delete from your game list.

Go from left to right with your finger over the game or name.

Soon you will see a delete button. Click on the delete button to remove the game.

The game can be also deleted even with the play button.

Another approach is to tap on the player's stats, take the face to the left, and then strike the delete icon.

You can as well press on the person you want to remove, hold, and then swipe it to the left. Now, you can free, and then press the delete button.


  • Random games usually expire on the sixth day, but sometimes the system lags behind, and expiration may take a little longer period.
  • Games that go beyond established limits are detected automatically by the server.

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