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How to End Games on Words with Friends

How to end games on words with friends? Play this game online. End the game using all tiles.

How to end games on words with friends? Know the rules. Learn essential strategies and tactics.

Compose the words horizontally and vertically.

Be ready to play for a week or longer.

Enlarge the score values by various means and approaches.

Increase your score with premium squares.

If the game is blocked and you cannot move, it is good to uninstall the program completely and reinstall it.

Make word combinations to increase the scores.

Those who want to know how to end games on words with friends must understand that the game is over if the player used all tiles.

If your last tile is used, the adversary will lose points that are equal to the values of his remaining tiles. These points are granted to you for placing the last tile.

End using up all the tiles.

The game is as well over if 3 turns passed without scored points.


  • Play with friends from all over the world.
  • Letters have set values and premium squares are spread across the board.
  • Blocking your adversary you may end with your field restriction.

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