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How to End Marriage

How to end marriage? Discuss the key issues with your partner. Limit the expenses for marriage ending.

How to end marriage? Decide clearly whether you wish to end marriage. Considering calmly this subject with your partner you may save time, money and health.

Think about a plan to discuss this matter with your partner.

Determine issues to negotiate.

Considering how to end marriage you must be ready to emotional outbursts from your partner.

Try to neutralize the emotional effect of the matter.

Strive to remain objective.

Respect your partner and give him or her time to cope with the sad news.

Rationally talk about the separation plan.

Decide how to inform children. Determine where the children will live and how to support them.

Discuss the plan for moving out.

Share the finances. Use an individual bank account. Pay all your financial obligations.

Sometimes it is good to recur to legal services. Consult with a good lawyer to protect your rights in case of need.


  • Don't allow emotional reactions to suppress you.
  • Don't get involved in your partner's emotional outbreaks.
  • Pay all accounts.
  • Never blame your partner in the presence of children.

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