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How to End an Argument

How to end an argument? Identify your goals. Think about different solutions to end an argument. Reply calmly to possible hostile reactions. Determine a time limit for the discussion.

How to end an argument? It is good if your opponent knows beforehand that you want to discuss important matters that could provoke an argument. Consider how to tell it.

Both opponents usually experience antipathy, annoyance and anger. Try to calm your anger and dissatisfaction. Overcome these feelings and try to behave naturally.

Consider the origins and causes of the argument. Think how you might have contributed to the expansion of the argument.

Be the first to start the conversation. A sound discussion is the best opportunity to solve the matter.

Give your partner time to expose his or her opinion.

Do not interrupt. Interrupting your partner will only deepen the argument.

How to end an argument? Identify essential emotional requirements of your partner. Ask questions in a neutral tone avoiding making offensive suppositions.

Realize that the conflict is usually unimportant and take steps to avoid arguments in the future.

Remember that a potentially hostile discussion makes easily forget the roots of an argument.

Select between your desire to be always right and preserving good relations.

Understand that sometimes you cannot make your partner change her or his mind. Accept that your opinions may differ.

Think about solutions to solve the problem without hard arguments. Offer your solutions to prevent arguing.

Summarize the discussion to clarify your understanding of the argument matter.

Don't be afraid to apologize. This is a great step to smoothen an argument.

Avoid arguments in the future. Tell your partner that you do not want discussions.

Prevent future arguments from escalating. Accept peaceful and thoughtful attitude to the future.


  • To listen does not mean to agree.
  • To give up does not mean to lose.
  • Respectful discussion means successful argument.

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