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How to End Amazon Prime

How to end amazon prime? Amazon Prime allows getting free shipping of almost any goods. Be sure to end amazon prime before four months expire or you will be charged the annual fee of $79. Go to your account at Use the link that will permit you to end amazon prime without charge.

How to end amazon prime? Amazon Prime permits realizing unrestricted rapid shipping on all authorized purchases for a yearly fee of $79. Authorized customers can begin a free trial.

When the trial is over, it will be automatically upgraded to a yearly membership for $79. You can cancel the upgrade.

If you want to cancel your membership during the trial period, you will not get benefits when the trial period is over and you will not be charged $79.

Any benefits during the trial period are not also charged. But, you will not be able to enjoy additional free trials.

You will receive reminder e-mails before the trial end.

How to end amazon prime? You can cancel online. Visit the "Manage Your Prime Membership" page.

Click "Do not upgrade".

You can set your membership to expire at the end of the present term and go on receiving benefits until the free trial period ends.

You can also cancel and stop getting benefits at once. In this case your membership will cancel automatically and your card will not be charged.


  • No minimum purchase is required.
  • Don't forget to cancel before being automatically upgraded to the $79 yearly membership.
  • You will have the chance to cancel the automatic upgrade before the trial is over.

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