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How to End a Toast

How to end a toast? The toast is a festive speech that celebrates the toasted person with the best wishes. The toast must leave enjoyable memories. End a toast on an expressive note. End a toast with a saying, a poem, a song, and sincere best wishes.

How to end a toast? The toast ending depends on the social background. The toast must be evocative and meaningful. The toast includes introduction, speech, and closing part. End your toast raising the glass with the best wishes such as "To X", "To the health of X" or "Cheers".

Make certain that all the guests are served.

Stand up. Use the clinking in case of need.

Look around and make sure that all glasses are full with champagne or wine.

Raise your glass and say "I'd like to make a toast".

Lower your glass when you begin to speak still holding it in your hand.

Speak loudly and clearly looking at the toasted person. From time to time, shift your eyes to contact to the invitees.

How to end a toast? Recapitulate your speech.

Express your final idea. This idea must have particular meaning and convey your good feelings and wishes.

Raise your glass to show that you are going to drink a toast.

Conclude the toast on an optimistic note. Wish all the best and inspire the guests to support you in your best wishes.

End with "Let us now toast the happiness of X" "To X" "To the health of X" "Cheers" etc.

Wave your glass and clink the glass with the persons near to you. If the toasted person is too far to clink glasses, do an "air clink".

Drink the toast. Wait until all at the table have finished, and then sit down.


  • The toast must be to the occasion, sincere, concise, meaningful, and warm.
  • Don't drink before your toast speech.
  • Concentrate on the toasted person.
  • Represent a toasted person in a positive light.

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