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How to End a Skirt

How to end a skirt? Ending the skirt is trouble-free and pleasurable. All you need is a good fabric, several pins and the some skills of basic sewing. Add attractive decorations to end a skirt gracefully.

How to end a skirt? Choose your skirt length making it long or short. You will need about an hour to end a skirt.

Take necessary measurements with a tape. Write down the parameters of the waist circumference and the widest point of hips.

Choose fabric with a shorter width for a short skirt, and a wider than your hips fabric for long skirt.

Select elastic. The size of elastic depends on the width of the skirt waist.

Wash and dry the fabric preventing shrinking.

Lay out the fabric on the table. Fold the fabric short end to short end, so that the front of the fabric was inside the fold.

Wrap the fabric around the waist with the wrong side facing out. Place the pins to mark the area for sewing together.

Take away the fabric, lay it on the table and end pinning down the side where the seam will be made. Pin the seam along the short ends.

Use a sewing machine or your hands. Sew a seam along the pinned side.

Press the seams with an iron. Turn the skirt right-side out.

Prepare the waistband casing. Turn the same seam and sew at the edge making the casing for the drawstring.

Tie a knot on both ends of the drawstring and pass it through the skirt.

Try the skirt on and tighten the drawstring to fit it appropriately.

Another approach is to add the elastic. Stitch close to the fold. Pass the elastic through the casing using the safety pin.

Decide on the length and hem the bottom edge.

How to end a skirt? Add some adornment, such as rickrack or lace, around the skirt bottom.

Use appliques and put them on the skirt. Embellish the skirt by sewing appliques on.

Add a yoke or attach beads and fabric flowers.


  • Know how to work with scissors, needles, and sewing machine.
  • Know how to prevent fraying with pinking or zigzagging stitch.

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