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How to End a Science Fiction

How to end a science fiction? Make the story comprehensive. The ending must crown the plot.

How to end a science fiction? Science fiction describes events that could happen. A good ending must produce a positive impression. Something must occur to create a new insight into the characters and the story design.

Know how to end a science fiction keeping to the structure of the work. Structure includes an original occurrence that develops into a period of maximal tension and reaches the climax with subsequent resolution.

Characters are motivated by the goals that construct the basis of their actions.

End a science fiction with enlightenment when the character experiences an impulsive insight into the connotation of something.

Insight approach unites various matters and shows the way how to end a science fiction with a powerful emotional message.

Let something impressive come about to the character.

If the character achieves the goals, the climax is the moment when the character gets what he desires.

If the character does not achieve the goals, he or she, however, comes to the insight because of the failure.

Sometimes it is good to end with a revelation.

End a science fiction with refined moral.

End with an impressive representation referring to the title or reminiscent language connecting the themes and associating them in a succinct way.


  • Know about scientific facts.
  • Create believable characters.
  • Story ending should not always resolve all arguments.

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