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How to End a Term Paper

How to end a term paper? Summarize the most important information avoiding reiteration and the introduction of new points. End with an impressive final statement.

How to end a term paper? Generalize the main points of the work. Keep to equilibrium between summarizing and reiterating.

Restate the main points in a laconic manner.

Reduce the main ideas into one sentence for each point.

Those who know how to end a term paper avoid extensive repeating of already stated information.

Expose your ideas in the simplest form.

It is good to limit the conclusion with concise information.

Use such phrases as "first," "second," "third" "next," "in conclusion," or "finally.".

End with a short preferably three sentence statement that mentally shows the stop to the reader.


  • Conclusion may include a short story, a quotation, a wise statement, a simile.
  • Students often commit many mistakes in the conclusion.

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