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How to End a Lesson

How to end a lesson? The teacher must be maximally creative and end the lesson professionally. The teacher must ensure the effective reception and accumulation of information.

How to end a lesson? The teacher should end the lesson effectively stimulating solid informational retention.

Leave 5 or 7 minutes to the end of a lesson for introducing the final activity, homework, and preparation for the next day.

Give the concluding task and directions for the finishing assignment.

Students should perform some evaluation activity. Teachers who know how to end a lesson usually ask the students what they have learned that day.

Ask the students to present concise examples of the lesson.

It is good to stimulate performance activity such as a role play.

Let students speak about covered matters.

Ask students to share information of the lesson.

Distribute index cards for students to communicate their responses and then collect the cards.


  • The teacher ensures students' engagement from the beginning to the end of the lesson.
  • If a student cannot reproduce the learned information, it means that the teacher's intentions were in vain.

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