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How to End a Final Sentence

How to end a final sentence? Review the main issues of your work. A final sentence must reiterate the main idea and leave the reader with emotions, thoughts, and questions.

How to end a final sentence? A final sentence recapitulates the preceding text restating concisely what has been written earlier. Exact and sage final sentence must be the key item for the reader to memorize.

Review the closing paragraph.

Sometimes the final sentence becomes the most difficult one.

Recur to smooth transitional phrases in the front of your final sentence.

Compose the final sentence bearing in mind the subject of your writing.

Associate the final sentence with your subject.

In some cases, the final sentence should develop the main idea.

How to end a final sentence? Choose the tune of your ending.

Give the final sentence some power to awaken the reader's emotions and thoughts.

Broaden the effect of the main point.

Use the key phrase from the title in your final sentence.

Develop a new idea for consideration in your final sentence.

Suggest a new question leaving the reader with a feeling of suspense.


  • Examples of transitions are: as a result, because of this, after all, etc.
  • Use new techniques of writing.
  • The final sentence should not summarize the whole of your work.
  • The final sentence must make the reader feel and think.

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