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How to End a Church Welcome

How to end a church welcome? Church welcome is the best opportunity to show love and respect to visitors. The church welcome establishes atmosphere for the service. A warm church welcome is complimented by heartfelt thanks at the end of the religious service.

How to end a church welcome? Welcome guests in the house of God. Wholehearted church welcome warms the souls of visitors. Supplement the church welcome by heartfelt words of thanks.

Send a welcome letter to new visitors.

Create the atmosphere of relaxation and spiritual comfort.

Be open and supportive for new church members. Make a positive first impression.

Church welcome may be pronounced at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the service.

Begin with greeting and gratitude.

Cover all guests with words of welcome. The service must appeal to great deeds and feats.

How to end a church welcome? Appeal to join your ecclesiastical mission.

Protect your visitors with church welcome and prayer.

End a church welcome asking visitors to join in hymns of praise.

Tell the new guests that you are happy to welcome them in your church.

The church welcome should not be long.

Send cards of thanks the next day, inviting new visitors and reminding them of the forthcoming events.

Contact the new church members several days later to get to know their needs and wishes.


  • Greet new visitors when they come to services and events.
  • Ask new visitors to give their contact data.

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