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How to End a Sports Career

How to end a sports career? Recognize the causes of ending the sports career and prepare for life after competitive practice. Set real goals for the future.

How to end a sports career? The end of a sports career can be easier with good preparation. Be aware of your identity and start playing new roles.

Know that ending a sports career needs emotional preparation.

Adjust mentally and emotionally to this event and be ready to physical consequences of the process.

Know how to end a sports career fighting with fear and anxiety concerning the future.

Develop plans for another career and future financial stability.

Be ready for reactions of other people.

Make the preparation for career end a part of your training.

It is good to develop mental skills for success in the future.

Elaborate and carry out the plan of transition process. Understand this process and try to live trough it normally.

Develop and maintain interests and abilities in other unrelated to sports areas. Find yourself in new spheres of life.

Develop equilibrium in your life and look for different ways of satisfying your requirements.

Find existing sources for drawing the required emotional and mental energy.


  • The ending of a sports career may be related to injury, age, qualification failure, or intra-personal relationships.
  • Sports career frequently ends at a younger age.
  • Ending a sports career is a hard trial in the life of athlete.

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