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  • How to End Smoking?
  • Summary: How to end smoking? Be optimistic and convinced that you can get rid of this bad habit. Recur to considerate preparation and efficient plan.
  • Category: Health
  • How to End Iraq War?
  • Summary: How to end Iraq war? Choose the approaches that guarantee effective results. Refuse financial support, elaborate opposing political attitude, reduce troops, and break the alliances necessary to promote the strategy for supremacy.
  • Category: Politics and Society
  • How to End a Book?
  • Summary: How to end a book? The book must teach the reader something philosophical. Reiterate the purpose and essential message. Include new actions and realizations. Combine happy end with sad end.
  • Category: Literature and Language
  • How to End Up a Relationship?
  • Summary: How to end up a relationship? Address your mind and feelings and take firm decision. Do not avoid inevitable things. Try to take the first step to freedom calmly.
  • Category: Relationships
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